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Monday, September 30, 2013

Nike Officially Unveils Their 2013 Doernbecher Collection November 2013

Meet the participants of the 2013 Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Collection and their shoes which include the Nike Air Foamposite One, Air Jordan 10 Retro, Nike Roshe Run, Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski SB and more.
This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle Collection. For the first time, this years collection will include both apparel and footwear designed exclusively by seven former patients of OHSU. Included in this years collection are the following models: Nike Air Foamposite One, Air Jordan 10 Retro, Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski SB, Nike Roshe Run, Nike Free Run 5.0 and the Nike Dunk Sky High. Below is a breakdown on each pair and their designer.

Elijah Diggins - Nike Air Foamposite One & Windrunner:
Elijah likes to play baseball and says he’s a pretty good pitcher. His baseball team actually won the state championship and his dad is quick to point out all the boards that have been knocked out of their garden shed by his son’s killer throw. Behind his modesty is a tenacious kid with untold reserves of strength who was put to the test last year when he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia and underwent a tough course of chemo. When faced with the opportunity to tell his story through the Nike Air Foamposite, Elijah poured his heart into it. His design features his very own smiley-face logo, which turns into his initials when viewed sideways. The fiery red and black palette is a tribute to his favorite athlete, Lebron James. On the tongue, Japanese characters symbolize courage, along with Elijah’s signature. A chain-link graphic on the sockliner is taken straight from his most prized possession—a silver bracelet that was a gift from his parents when he began chemotherapy. For Elijah, his design is a very personal thank-you note to the place that he credits with saving his life. “When I was in the hospital, I kept thinking ‘Doernbecher has done so much for me—how am I going to give back?’”

 Kira Smith - Nike Dunk Sky High & Tank:
Kira loves frills and lace, performance and poetry. At 17, she’s already an accomplished dancer and an aspiring designer with an impressive portfolio of sketches. And though she may sometimes be mistaken for her identical twin Kate, there’s no mistaking her one-of-a-kind Nike Dunk Sky High. Inspired by her love for Victorian fashion and a playful fascination with Alice in Wonderland, Kira’s one-of-a-kind Nike struts its stuff with lace embossing, ribbon laces, and a corset detail up the heel. The outsole features Kira’s hand-drawn graphics and a quote from a certain Cheshire cat that reads, we’re all mad here. Kira said proudly, “It’s been an honor to represent patients with mental illness.”

Kate Smith - Nike Roshe Run & AW77 Hoody:
Kate is a gentle 17-year-old with a warrior’s heart—she loves her medieval sword collection and bow and arrow set. Kate’s shoe, the Nike Roshe Run, is the ideal choice for adventurous getaways. The black leather is a nod to the biker jackets she favors; the side panels are her favorite shade of forest green. She added a few rhinestones for extra bling and an embossed coat of arms that features a mythical phoenix clutching Kate’s sword. But the words on the back sum up Kate best: You are stronger than you think you are. “Strong, fierce women like Joan of Arc are some of my favorite role models,” she said. Kate knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity. After battling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with her twin sister Kira, she emerged victorious from the experience and determined to shed light on the disease, battling the misconceptions head on.

Jake Dering - Nike Free Run 5.0 & AW77 FZ Hoody:
After enduring 19 surgeries to treat a rare genetic condition called Otopalatodigital Syndrome type II, Jake has earned the right to strut a little. Jake is known as a smooth operator on the dance floor and his unique version of the Nike Free Run 5.0 is ideal for fresh moves. Lenticular materials throughout the shoe give it the appearance of constantly being in motion—just like Jake. He offers some words of advice on the sockliners: one side reads Be Brave, while the other reads Never Give Up. And around the ankle collar, Jake’s can-do attitude is summed up with the simple phrase, I wasn’t made to fit in, I was made to stand out. Even the name of the shoe is significant to Jake. “I just really want to be free of all this stuff,” he explained. “No halo, no cast, no crutches.” Next May, another surgery is planned to add 3.5 inches to his right leg. Until then, he’ll continue rocking his own pair of custom Free Jakes.

Bella Stone - Nike Free Run 5.0 & AW77 FZ Tee:
Bella is spunky, ambitious and outgoing. But more than anything, she’s a miracle, who wasn’t expected to survive when she was born. Twenty surgeries and one brand new kidney later, she plans to defy the odds even more by becoming the world’s first combination singer-doctor-actor-dentist. Bella approached the design of her shoe with the same unstoppable energy. Her custom kicks have pink sparkles, rainbow colors and a big heart with a kidney-shaped accent that’s meant for her Aunt Krissy, who donated one of her kidneys when Bella was just two years old. Other sweet details include a “B” surrounded by 20 hearts; one for each of her surgeries. The words Live, Dream, Hope and Faith circle the outsole, and an embroidered microphone reflects her passion for music. “I love to sing! I know most of the Broadway musicals by heart,” she explained.

Ross Hathaway - Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski & AW7 Crew:
Not only can Ross land a 180 on his skis and pull some pretty cool moves on his skateboard, he even has black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Pretty impressive for any kid—especially impressive for one who has lived with cystic fibrosis since he was in kindergarten. But instead of letting it slow him down, Ross and his family have thrown their energy into raising money for cystic fybrosis research. Now Ross is excited to share his passion and story with a far larger market—one that’s going to be clamoring for his Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski skate shoe. He says he carefully considered his audience when coming up with the design. “As a skater, I thought a lot about how it would look against the board,” he explained. The result is a shoe that Janoski himself would be proud to roll in. The uppers feature dimensional pops of color inspired by the crystals in Ross’ rock collection. You’ll find a pair of lungs on the outsole; inside, a digital rose is a nod to 65 Roses, (which is what some kids call their disease since it’s easier to pronounce.) And just for good measure, Ross threw a couple of palm trees around the logo to reflect his love of tropical places.

Daniel Pena - Air Jordan 10 Retro & Tee:
Daniel is a huge Michael Jordan fan, with an encyclopedic knowledge of every game, every comeback, and every shoe released throughout Jordan’s illustrious career. So when it was confirmed that he’d be designing a Jordan shoe for the collection, Daniel said, “I kind of freaked out.” Like Jordan, Daniel has reinvented himself as an athlete again and again. Because his hemophilia causes problems in his ankle, he frequently changes up his sports so that he can continue to compete. Daniel’s shoe, the Nike Air Jordan Retro 10 is also a story of reinvention. It features a slew of first-ever features, like a modified logo that’s customized just for Daniel. It’s also the first time you’ll ever see a clear outsole on the Jordan Retro 10. The stealthy upper sports a glossy camo print that’s inspired by Daniel’s love of video games. And in a nod to his days riding the BMX circuit, a tire tread races down the heel and straight into the sockliner. 

A limited Nike exclusive release, look out for the 2013 Doernbecher Freestyle Collection available at select Nike retail locations as well as online at on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013. Stay tuned for pricing information as it becomes available.

Enjoy the official images below of the Nike x Doernbecher 2013 Freestyle Collection which includes the Nike Air Foamposite One DB, Air Jordan 10 Retro DB, Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski DB, Nike Dunk Sky High Women's, Nike Roshe Run Women's DB, Nike Free Run 5.0 DB and the Nike Free Run 5.0 Women's DB. If you're interested in picking any of these up when they release, check in with your local Nike retail spots to see if they will be receiving them. Those of you looking to lock down a pair now can, grab them from eBay here.


Daniel Pena's Air Jordan 10 Retro DB "Doernbecher" & Tee In Black/Varsity Red:
Elijah Diggin's Nike Air Foamposite One DB "Doernbecher" & Windrunner In Varsity Red/Black:
Kira Smith's Nike Dunk Sky High Women's DB "Doernbecher" & Tank In White/Black-Varsity Red:
Kate Smith's Nike Roshe Run Women's DB "Doernbecher" & Hoody In Green/Metallic Silver-Black:
Jake Dering's Nike Free Run 5.0 DB "Doernbecher" & Hoody In Obsidian/Total Orange-Black:
Bella Stone's Nike Free Run 5.0 Women's DB "Doernbecher" & Tee In Pink Flash/Court Purple-White:
Ross Hathaway's Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski SB DB "Doernbecher" & Crew In Black/Court Purple-White:

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