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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Air Jordan 9 Retro Black/White-Photo Blue "Black Bottom" Sample

Not to be confused with the "Slim Jenkins" edition, the "Photo Blue" Air Jordan 9 Retro once sported all black outsoles as well. Check out the auction here.
Before any of the Jordan 9 Retro "Alter Egos" Pack was announced, this "Black Bottom" version of the "Photo Blue" Air Jordan 9 Retro surfaced. This led many people to wonder which version was actually going to release, this one or, the pair sporting a white outsole. Well, we all would shortly learn that this version was an early sample version and the one featuring the white outsole would be the pair released. However due to a manufacturing error, a few pairs were produced with the black outsole and made it out.

Although this happened, not many pairs exist and they are very hard to come by, especially since they were not sold at retail locations. Some pairs did make it to Nike outlet stores however, they are all sold out. While we did get the "Slim Jenkins" edition which is similar to this unreleased version, the blues are different. This leads me to ask, which version of the "Photo Blue" Air Jordan 9 Retro do you like better? This "Black Bottom" unreleased sample or, the "White Bottom" released version?

Enjoy the images below of this unreleased sample version of the "Photo Blue" Air Jordan 9 Retro in black, white and photo blue featuring a black outsole as opposed to the white outsole found on the released version. For those of you interested in owning this unique pair, click here to buy them on eBay.


Images courtesy of eBay seller: oregonsole

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