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Friday, November 9, 2012

Air Jordan XIX SE Gary Payton "Boston Celtics" Player Exclusive Available On eBay

A rare pair of Air Jordan XIX SE's. This pair made for Gary Payton while he was a member of Jordan Brand. Check out the auction here.
Made for the 2004-05 NBA season, these come in a nice white, green and metallic gold colorway. Made to match Payton's Boston Celtics Team colors as he was a member of the Celtics for that season. A "Home" PE, GP wore these throughout the '04-'05 season while playing at home for the Boston Celtics. Similar to the Ray Allen version except featuring a lighter shade of green. They feature "GP" on the back of the left shoe and "20" on the back of the right. Both stitched in green and outlined in gold, "GP" representing Payton's initials and "20" representing" his jersey number.

As these are player exclusive's, they were never sold in stores of available to the public. Made just for The Glove himself. What makes Payton's PE's more attractive to collectors is the fact that he wore a sz.13 which is a size some people can actually wear, should they want to. Check out the images below and if you're interested in adding these to your collection, click here to grab them on eBay.


 Images courtesy of eBay seller: dependablejay

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