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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Air Jordan 5 Retro Q54 "Quai54" Black Available On eBay

A black-based version of the "Quai54" Air Jordan V Retro. This promo pair was made in 2011 and, was not released in stores. Check out the auction here.
While the white, radiant green and metallic silver colorway was released, this black, radiant green and metallic silver colorway did not. Even though the white-based pair is rare as it was a limited Euro exclusive like previous "Quai54" releases, this pair is very hard to come by. Rumored to only pave been produced in 54 pairs and all given to select people such as Ray Allen, Chi McBride and Fabolous. Besides being black-based, these also feature a full suede upper as opposed to the leather upper on the white-based pair.

Check out the images below of this rare Air Jordan V Retro. If you're interested in added these to your collection, click here to grab a pair on eBay.


 Images courtesy of eBay seller: aliang-2012

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