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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Original Air Jordan XIV Black Toe Available On eBay

The first colorway released for the Air Jordan XIV back in 1998. These "Black Toe's" still remain a fan favorite today. Check out the auction here.
Nicknamed the "Black Toe's" due to the toe area being black on this pair. These are one of my all time favorite pairs. A rarity to come by, especially a deadstock pair. When retroed in 2006, they featured ribbing on the sides unlike the OG's which do not. To this day we have yet to receive a true to the OG retro of this Air Jordan XIV colorway.

Check out the detailed images below courtesy of and their official eBay store, ivehademall. Bonus images of my original and 2006 retro's are below as well for comparison. If you're interested in grabbing these, click here to buy them on eBay.


Original 1998 Release:
2006 Retro Release:
 Images courtesy of eBay seller: ivehademall the official eBay store of

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