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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Air Jordan I

Click on the links below to check out my collection of Air Jordan I's.

Retro White/Black-Red (1994)
Retro Black/Varsity Red (2001)
Retro+ White/Metallic Silver-Midnight Navy (2001)
Retro Black/Royal Blue (2001)
Retro+ Neutral Grey/Metallic Silver (2001)
Retro Black/Black-Metallic Silver (2001)
Retro White/Metallic Silver (2002)
Retro White/University Blue (2003)
Retro White/Black-Varsity Red (2003)
Retro Black/Metallic Gold (2003)
Retro Low White/Black-Midnight Navy (2004)
Retro Low White/White-Metallic Silver (2004)
Retro White/Black-Varsity Red (2007)
Retro Black/Varsity Maize-White (2007)
Retro LS Sport Red/White-Varsity Red (2007)
Retro LS Stealth/Varsity Royal-Sport Red (2007)
Retro Low Canvas Women's White/Denim (2007)
Retro Low Black/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red (2007)
Retro Low White/Varsity Maize-University Blue (2007)
Retro Alpha White/University Blue (2007)
Retro 23-501 Varsity Red/Midnight Navy-Khaki-White (2008)
Retro White/Black-Silver (2008)
Retro Black/Silver-White-Dark Charcoal (2008)
Retro Pearl White/Hay-Walnut (2008)
Retro Medium Brown/Urban Haze-Hay-Anthracite (2008)
Retro Black/White (2008)
Retro White/Dark Charcoal-Tweed-Varsity Red (2008)
Retro White/Varsity Red-Midnight Navy-Metallic Gold (2008)
Retro High Collezione Black/White (2008)
Retro Low Velcro White/Black-Red (2008)
Retro Low Phat Black/Varsity Red-White (2008)
Retro High Premier Black/Varsity Red-White (2008)
Retro High Premier Varsity Red/Dark Army-White (2008)
Retro High DB Black/Vivid Blue-White-Varsity Maize (2008)
Retro High Strap Black/Varsity Red-White (2008)
Retro Low Velcro White/Varsity Red-Black (2008)
Retro Low Phat Black/Metallic Silver-White-Varsity Royal (2008)
Retro Low Phat Black/Varsity Royal-White (2008)
Retro Low Velcro Black/Varsity Red-Stealth (2008)
Retro High Strap Black/Varsity Red-Classic Green (2009)
Retro High Premier Pewter/Black-Max Orange (2009)
Retro High Black/Max Orange-White (2009)
Retro Low Velcro Premier Jetstream/Blue Sapphire (2009)
Retro High Strap Black/University Blue-White (2009)
Retro Hare Jordan Light Silver/White-True Red (2009)
Retro Low Phat Premium Black/Black-Varsity Red (2009)
Retro Low Phat Premium White/White-Varsity Red (2009)
Retro Black/Chlorophyll (2009)
Retro Ruff 'N Tuff Laser Blue/Black-White (2009)
Retro High White/Varsity Red (2009)
Retro High White/Sea Green (2009)
Retro High DMP Black/Varsity Red-White (2009)
Retro High DMP White/Black-Clover (2009)
Retro High HOF Black/Varsity Red-White-Metallic Gold (2009)
Retro High Black/Shadow Grey-White (2009)
Retro High White/Grand Purple (2009)
Retro Leroy Black/Metallic Gold-Varsity Purple-Sport Red (2009)
Retro High Strap Premier White/White-Varsity Red-Midnight Navy (2009)
Retro High Premier Black/Varsity Red-White (2009)
Retro High Strap Black/Black-Voltage Yellow II (2009)
Retro High Silver Neutral Grey/Metallic Silver-White (2010)
Retro Low Phat Black/White-Varsity Red (2010)
Retro KO High White/Varsity Red (2010)
Retro KO High White/Black-Varsity Red (2010)
Retro Low Phat Canvas Sail/Dark Obsidian-Light Chocolate-Gold (2010)
Retro J2K High Black/Ceramic-Midnight Navy-French Blue (2010)
Retro High Anodized Metallic Silver/White (2010)
Retro High DW Black/Sport Red-White (2012)
Retro High Strap Midnight Navy/Varsity Red-Sail (2012)
Retro KO High White/Black-Varsity Red (2012)
Retro KO High Black/Varsity Red-Whte (2012)  
Retro High OG Black/Varsity Royal-Black (2013)
Retro High OG Clover/Metallic Gold-White-Black (2013) 
Retro KO High OG White/Gym Red-Black (2014) 
Retro SB QS Black/Black-Silver (2014)
Retro KO High OG White/University Blue (2014)
Retro KO High OG Wolf Grey/Midnight Navy-White (2014)
Retro SB QS White/White (2014)
Retro KO High OG Black/Sport Blue-Black (2014)
Retro High Jeter Midnight Navy/Metallic Gold-Sail (2014) 
Retro High OG White/Varsity Red-Black (2015)
Retro High OG Black/Starfish-Sail (2015)
Retro KO High OG Black/Varsity Red-White (2015)
Retro High OG White/Dark Powder Blue (2015) 

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